The release date of World of Warcraft

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The release date of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands might be this season, but the free Shadowlands mount will not be coming until early 2021. The poll will probably be approximately until September 18, so buffs have plenty of wow gold classic time to debate each other on which is the optimal option. That being said, there does appear to be an early favorite in the form of this Gooey Slimesaber, a jelly version of a popular kitty bracket. Given that it is the world wide web, and one of the bracket options is a cat, it feels like a lock to be selected.

Whatever players pick on for their World of Warcraft: Shadowlands free mount, the winner will be added to everyone's pet in Q1 2021, and it is likely to become a welcome addition the new year of articles from Blizzard. Additionally, it is a wonderful balance between each the changes already coming to Shadowlands - pacing from the free Shadowlands mount apart from the slew of content coming with the expansion's launch will let players appreciate it more.

As Battle for Azeroth enters its final months, World of Warcraft players are getting ready for an impending scourge invasion which arrives with the Shadowlands pre-patch event. But ahead of Shadowlands' launch date, it's apparent Blizzard is pulling out all the stops to cheap classic gold wow make the following expansion a success, including by adding a free mount chosen by the players.