I am happy

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Doesnt matter I will gladly play Ps4 version of Fifa 21 on ps5, hopefully loading is faster on offline drama. And wait for the ps5 version. Which is a free upgrade anyway. Cant wait! Along with Resident bad 8 along with Gran Turismo 7- another gen Fifa 21 is my most anticipated title for 2021. Fifa 21 ps4 variant is already epic and the gameplay is excellent imo. Really looking forward to the dedicated next gen- version of the Mut 21 coins. The backward compatible Fifa 21 will most likely be the first game I play in my Ps5 anyway.

I really like that half your team just accumulated in the centre and started rubbing torsos. Well it is ea, I can not really say I did not anticipate something like that to take place. If I had to guess - gamers behave one way once the condition of the game is"fumble mode" and yet another when not. So it had been accidentally set to"not fumble mode" as it was really still in fumble manner. This could happen for multiple reasons like multiple processes that rely on each other falling out of sync, causing erroneous information to be saved. I am happy there are those who mindlessly buy these games and then whine about it. Yes I am back, and this is the first day with multiple players! And for all you Steelers fans, I put Duck Hodges on here since I didn't get to buy Madden nfl 21 coins do Big Ben. Keep the tips rolling men. Mark Sanchez was an incredible one.