I'm not an Animal Crossing man but how does this work

I'm not an Animal Crossing man but how does this work


I feel just like Luffys gonna have to fight shanks for some reason, team up with a different member of the worst generation/supernovas, along with the individual he groups with is gonna kill shanks. Luffy is gonna attempt to give it back as shanks is dying, but he'll grin and shake his head, saying that Luffy still wants to turn into a Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells for sale fantastic pirate until he can take it back. Series will end with Luffy departing the straw hat on shanks tomb after becoming pirate king

I'm not an Animal Crossing man but how does this work? They seem like the actual characters, are such all accessories and outfits or something? Because he even offers his torso open and I'm confused.

Yeah I think people really desire Luffy to have some kind of relationship Roger, but I think I like it way better that throughout the world being full of differences, similarities, and coincidences that somehow, the Pirate King and Luffy both have been these guys that knew what it meant to be free and in thatthey became the exactly what they are now.

Cmon man you saw Im Sama have a huge straw hat. Roger used to put on the hat. Strong pirate such as shanks goes to East blue and leaves a hat using luffy.

No I'm telling you at a nice way that is exactly what it is that's not basic that is how it's put this up. Most people ik frown on the idea of Luffy and Roger being connected in any other manner and Oda works affirms that this sorry buddy try again next week....probably will not be super though

It might be at a Davy back struggle kind thing but just like a real Davy back fight, not the rigged dumbed down version done by foxy, a true testament to ones skill. I think this would be a very cool way to allow them to fight in a means that could just be so much fun.

Im so glad you're created 8n this world im so glad everyone is created except one kind of individual animal abusers but besides the cheap Animal Crossing Bells stage You did such a wonderful thing to your community, Ya fucking legend